The Ministry of Chris


The Mission


Chris would like to minister at your church, conference, or special event through word and prayerful song. He is open to meeting your group wherever they are at on their spiritual journey. Chris’ mission is to bring the word, the wisdom, and the music of God to the world much like the early Christians did… one parish, one town, and one prayer at a time, comforting souls in a symphony of healing and peace, and bringing each of the Lord’s children God’s blessings of music… not only measure for measure, but also in great abundance.

How can Chris come and serve your needs? Here are some possibilities:

Do you have a specific need in your parish that could use the help of a benefit concert?

Chris has performed a number of benefit concerts for special intentions, in particular those who are suffering with Cancer and are facing high medical costs, our U.S soldiers overseas, and other special needs where help is desired. 

Would you like Chris to perform a concert for a special occasion or a particular church group ?

Chris is more than happy to help celebrate a special occasion in the life of your church, and offer whatever prayerful support your different church groups need.

Are you in need of a night of prayer and reflection?

Chris has offered a wide array of nights of reflection, including special nights for those in bereavement circles.

Would you like a contemporary setting of evening prayer in your parish?

Evening Prayer is prayed in the Church throughout the world.  Chris has composed a contemporary and utterly peaceful musical setting of evening prayer that will work well in any church setting.  For those in Catholic parishes, this musical setting has also been prayed along with the added rites of Adoration and Benediction. 


Perhaps your parish needs a mission?

Chris will gladly come to your church setting and offer a parish mission based on whatever your particular needs are.  Some topics may include, "Finding God in the Everyday", "Singing the Song God Has Given Me to Sing", "Blessed Are You Who Weep and Mourn: Moving from Sorrow to Surrender", "When God is Trying to Move Me: From Restless in Spirit to Resting in God"

Do you have those in bereavement that Chris could minister to?

Chris has offered various bereavement workshops and reflections.  Take a touching and comforting musical journey through grief and loss.

Does your youth group need an opportunity to come together in prayer and worship?

There are a plethora of needs for our young adult Christians.  Chris has taught in the public sector for over 20 years.  Allow Chris to work together with your youth ministers and play an essential role in the unique prayer and reflection experience you would like them to experience while touching their hearts and meeting the prayer needs of our future Church.

Do your music ministers need an opportunity to learn new music, or have various workshop needs?

Chris has directed adult choir for over 20 years, and youth choir for just as long.  Perhaps your music program is in need of some new music for the many different seasons, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time.  Chris has also worked extensively as a vocalist, training cantors, leaders of song, liturgy planners, and a variety of other music volunteers and professionals.

Do your liturgical ministers need to come together for prayer, recollection and re-commitment?

So often, our liturgical ministers are busy doing the "service of service".  Lectors, ushers, music ministers, etc. all need an opportunity to be ministered to.  Perhaps a day or an evening of retreat with song will bring your Parish volunteers and ministers a sense of re-dedication and re-commitment.

Are your catechists in need of encouragement, strength, and support?

Our religious formation teachers play such a vital role in the life of every church.  Allow the music of Chris to touch their hearts, and bring them courage and strength for their service to our youngest Christian disciples.


Are there various public service members that are in need of healing, strength, and renewal?

Sometimes our soldiers, police, fire, EMS, nurses, teachers, etc. are overlooked in their roles as humble servants to us all.  Coming together in prayer would offer them strength and affirmation.

Perhaps there is another idea that you have...

Chris is open to discussing the particular ministry needs you and your congregation may have.