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Bringing you God's blessings of music not only measure for measure, but also in great abundance



In today’s world, all of us are looking for ways to find comfort and peace.  These challenging times pull us in so many different directions.  We long to be grounded, to form life-giving relationships, and to find meaning in the chaos that surrounds us.  Have courage, take heart!  God’s voice is heard through the clamor, and shatters the darkness! 

One of the most time honored ways people have found a deeper connection with God is through the gift of music.  Music expresses the yearnings and stirrings of the soul in ways that mere words simply cannot.  Music also binds us to God through a prayer that is multiplied in its offering.  As St. Augustine put it so eloquently, “He who sings prays twice.”  My hope for all of you is that you will come to have a deeper encounter with Christ, Jesus through the music and words He has given me to share with the world.  Please enjoy this website as my humble offering to you, and let me know how I can minister to you through prayerful word and song.

Peace and Blessings,